What Would You Do If You Knew Your Data's Monetary value?

Unlocking your data’s value encourages additional revenue channels and opportunities.

Our Valuable Product For you

Appraised Reports

With the appraised reports, you have the power to review detailed insights and the monetary value of your data.

Reduce Data Resources

Leverage our automated solutions and unlock new signals while keeping your overhead costs low.

Monetize Latent Data

Have latent data? No problem, we can strategize and help you understand how to leverage it.

Detailed Analytics Insights

No appraisal is complete unless you get the true story. Our insights will detect anomalies and validations.

External Data Enrichment

Your data can only say so much. With our software, we enhance your data to give it additional value.

Data Strategy Partners Program

Want to license your data? Our team can offer support to ensure that your data output is as expected on transfer.

Our Process To Solve Your Problems

Connect Data Sources

Structured, Unstructured, No Problem. We work with direct connect, FTP, and API connections to get near-real-time sync.

Enhance & Enrich

There is more to your data that meets the eyes. We are here to help enhance it. We will dig deep to create more value.

Train & Predict

Once your data is synced, our proprietary algorithms diligently determine the necessary output by leveraging AI/ML.

Output Reports

The output report will allow you to show stakeholders what your data asset is worth or encourage data economy.


We offer a few different solutions based on your business needs.


Transactional Appraisal

With our transactional appraisal, we solve your data insights needs when you need them.

Real-Time Appraisal

Direct data source integration allows us to give you continuous appraisal and reports as often as you need.

Partner Connect

Once you get your detailed report, our team will connect you with our data provider and consumer partners to facilitate data exchange.

Many Factors, One Appraisal.

We account for all.

Intrinsic Value of Information (IVI)

How clean, complete, correct, and exclusive is your data?

Business Value of Information (BVI)

How relevant and sound is the data for the specific purpose?

Performance Value of information (PVI)

How does this data affect key business drivers?

Cost Value of Information (IVI)

Imagine losing your data; how much would it cost?

Market Value of Information (MVI)

What good could your organization get from licensing or selling your data?

Economic Value of Information (EVI)

How does your data contribute or affect the bottom line?

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