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We realized that organizations have valuable data, but they need more to train the models against, but because of privacy, security, and the valuation of their data, they don’t know where to go or how to address it.

So we went out and researched, research for the market. We found some data providers and consumers and created case studies around it to prove that if you have data from one company, can it benefit you for innovation? And the answer was a resounding YES!

After our research and some iterations of our product, we’ve created a data exchange driven by our appraisal technology to enable these healthcare organizations to start collaborating and especially monetizing their data.

While you’re working on your business, you’re collecting a massive amount of data.

You focus on building a great business for patient care while we give you the financial freedom to do so.

We tap into your data and the golden nuggets that we know you already have.

The way we address the security and privacy aspect of your data asset is essential to having our technology behind your firewall while doing the appraisal, and when that’s complete, we send out very minimal intrusive data.

No HIPAA, PHI, or PII data gets crossed to our exchange. It’s very high-level metadata information, enough to initialize the exchange.

So, in short, DataAppraisal’s solution helps organizations collaborate and commercialize their data assets.


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